First Seychelles Smart Certification training programme launched in Reunion

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The Seychelles Tourism Board (STB) has launched its first Seychelles Smart Certification training programme in Reunionrecently.


A total of 26 travel agents and tour operators took part in the first training session organised in the capital city of St Denis.


The training session was conducted by STB’s director for Europe Bernadette Willemin along with Air Austral’s commercial director for the Indian Ocean market the David Rougeau.


Mrs Willemin lead the first part of the training whereby she gave a detailed presentation of the destination, under three main themes – another world Seychelles, Natural Seychelles, Specialist Seychelles.


She was followed by Mr Rougeau who spoke about the positioning of Air Austral’s weekly nonstop direct flight to Seychelles.  


At the end of the presentations, the travel agents and tour operators were given questionnaires to fill in based on the different modules which were presented.


Following their training, the 26 travel agents and tour operators in Reunion have now one year to sell three packages of the destination, which will automatically earn them a special educational trip whereby they will have the chance to complete the last module which is experience Seychelles by sampling its variety and diversity of products and activities both inland and out at sea in addition to taking part in various small refresher courses in the niche areas.


The educational trip will end with the certificate presentation ceremony whereby the travel agents and tour operators will be presented with their document attesting that they are qualified  “Seychelles Smart” agent for the Reunion market.


STB said it is satisfied with the number of registered agents for the first Seychelles Smart Certification training programme Reunion as it is an indication that the travel agents and tour operators are on the lookout for a wider knowledge base to better sell the destination.


 “Training is very important for a destination like ours. Our variety and diversity of islands, products and activities can be complicated to sell if one does not have a good knowledge.  Our objective is to progressively build a club of faithful Seychelles Specialist Travel Agents through the Seychelles Smart programme whilst continuing other forms of training for the trade through workshops, seminars, presentations and roadshows to ensure that we continue building confidence in and a sense of loyalty towards our destination.”


STB’s Seychelles Smart Certification programme has proven to be a great success in some European countries and I am confident that it will be the same in Reunion. 


The next training session is set for the cities of St Gilles and St Pierre later in the year.

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