Dubset And Merlin Agree To Partnership Covering Independent Labels

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“Adding Merlin’s members to the extraordinary list of labels (and publishers) now managing their catalogs in MixBANK is an important advancement for independent music and artists everywhere,” notes Bob Barbiere, Chief Strategy Officer and SVP Licensing of Dubset. “A large percentage of the content MixBANK is scanning each day comes from Merlin member labels. This partnership will have a pronounced impact on the amount of content Dubset will now clear and distribute to music services for consumers.”

Dubset’s MixBANK™ platform powers real-time copyright identification, multi- rights holder clearance, and DDEX compliant distribution to some of the highest paying on-demand music services in the world including Apple. The company inked a deal earlier this year with Sony Music Entertainment to manage and monetize its catalog within mix and remix content.

“Mix culture has always accounted for a significant portion of online consumption, and Merlin’s membership represents a wide range of artists at the core of this culture,” points out Charles Caldas, Merlin CEO. “Merlin’s partnership with Dubset is important as it will unlock new revenues for our global membership, and ensure they can realize even greater value from their repertoire – wherever and however it is used online.”

Mix, remix, and other UGC recordings containing rights protected works continues to be produced at a staggering rate, some estimating in excess of ten million hours per year. Due to the massive catalog now represented within MixBANK, the company is experiencing exponential growth in the volume of DJs and content being uploaded daily.  

“By creating the technology and tools to put the rights holder in control over UGC, we can increase the size of available music, improve and expand the consumer experience, and grow music’s revenues,” says Stephen White, CEO of Dubset. “The rapid growth in deployment of MixBANK by both major and independent labels demonstrates the desire for those labels to not only protect their artists, but maximize new catalog opportunities and revenues. Adding Merlin to our rapidly growing list of partners is very important to us. The repertoire they represent is highly valued online. This will be an immediate success.”

About Dubset Media Holdings, Inc.

Dubset Media Holdings, Inc. (www.dubset.com) is a media technology company solving the challenges associated with identification and monetization of UGC (User Generated Content).  Through its innovative MixBANKTM platform and MixSCAN® technology, Dubset is powering distribution and monetization opportunities for content creators and rights holders built on transparency, control, and simplicity, solving a critical problem for the music industry.

Dubset is headquartered in San Francisco with offices in New York, and Los Angeles.

About Merlin:

Merlin is the global digital rights agency for the world’s independent label sector.

The organisation’s members command in excess of 12% of the digital recorded music market and embody more than 20,000 independent record labels and distributors from 51 countries and all continents, representing some of the world’s most important and successful artists.

Merlin acts to ensure these companies have effective access to new and emerging revenue streams and that their rights are appropriately valued and protected.

Merlin has offices in London, New York, and Tokyo, with a head office in Amsterdam.

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SOURCE Dubset Media Holdings, Inc.

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