World Surf Lesson Price Index Reveals America is the 2nd Most Expensive Country for Surf Lessons in the World

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Of Americans that travelled for surf lessons, 22% of them favoured Costa Rica. Mexico was the next most popular at 18%, and Europe third with 17%. Portugal is the most popular European destination for Americans at 7%. Other popular destinations include Indonesia, Nicaragua and Barbados.

The Surf Lesson Price Index analysed surf lesson booking data from over 1,250 surf schools around the world. 

Surfholidays provides booking software to surf schools and surf camps. Its technology analysed the different cost of a surf lessons throughout 35 different surf countries and which countries people were travelling to for surf. CEO Nicky Kelly said Surfing continues its strong growth as a holiday activity. Increasingly Americans are travelling to Europe to find the best waves. Price or proximity to the waves is not a factor. The availability of cheap air carriers, has made it easier for surfers to cross the world, and our technology allows them book lessons and accommodation in advance so all they have to think about is chasing their next wave.

      Rank        Country       Average Surf Lesson Cost
       1          Ecuador                 $22
       2        South Africa              $23
       3           India                  $24
       4         Argentina                $25
       5        Philippines               $26
       6            Peru                  $29
       7          Jamaica                 $31
       8           Chile                  $34
       9          Ireland                 $37
       10        Sri Lanka                $38
       11          Spain                  $39
       =       United Kingdom             $39
       12         Portugal                $40
       =        El Salvador               $40
       13        Nicaragua                $41
       14          Mexico                 $42
       15          France                 $45
       =         Indonesia                $45
       16         Morocco                 $46
       =           Japan                  $46
       17           Fiji                  $46
       18          Panama                 $47
       19        Australia                $49
       20          Brazil                 $50
       =          Colombia                $50
       21         Maldives                $52
       =       Canary Islands             $52
       22        Costa Rica               $54
       23       New Zealand               $55
       24          Canada                 $61
       25    Dominican Republic           $66
       26          China                  $72
       27         Barbados                $77
       28       Puerto Rico               $80
       29          U.S.A.                 $85
       30          Norway                 $128

Download JPEG picture of Surf Lesson Price Index Leaderboard: is a technology company in the surf travel space. It was set up in 2009 by surfers Nicky Kelly and Darryn Mountfort. The company’s flagship product, the Direct Booking Tool, powers the booking engines of surf schools and surf camps allowing them sell on their own website.

They also operate an OTA, a booking website that allows owners of accommodation & surf schools to sell to the global surf travel market. They currently operate in 35 countries and 112 surf towns throughout the world.

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