Parlam Launches Its Translator Marketplace

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BARCELONA, Spain, February 13, 2018 /PRNewswire/ —

Spain-based technology company Parlam has just announced its Translator Marketplace, which puts translators from all over the world in contact with businesses seeking translation services for every kind of document.

Parlam’s objective is twofold: First and foremost, to make quality translation services by freelance translators across the world accessible to companies. Locals understand best how to tailor fit the specific nuances of their own countries. Secondly, Parlam can provide greater visibility to these translators’ services and reputations by casting a wider network of access to clients who may be far from their local market environment.

According to Xavier Casals, CEO and Founder of Parlam, “Our client will have translators throughout the world that are specialized in different areas, and will be able to oversee the entire operation from a single place. For free! Since there is no intermediary charging a huge margin to cover its infrastructure, the price of service is much more competitive.

Casals adds, “In the world of translation there is a high rate of subcontracting that plays against the freelance translator, thereby reducing his or her income drastically, or, more alarmingly, cloaking his or her visibility and reputation.

The Parlam Marketplace offers coverage for clients around the world and operates with freelance translators from 25 countries. Parlam’s flagship location is in Barcelona (Spain) but the Marketplace operates from the USA, where it will open a brick-and-mortar office in 2018.

How Parlam Works 

The user signs up for a free account. After creating a project, he or she then uploads the files and chooses the desired language(s) for translation. The platform then lets the client request one or more quotes for each language, filtering translators by language, specialty, or country.

From this point on, the client is placed in direct contact with their candidates and can answer any questions about the project through online chat. Once the client has chosen the budget best suited to him or her, he or she provides funds and the translator begins the translation. The translator is paid at the moment the client accepts the work. That easy.

Parlam, unlike the usual marketplaces, offers niche functionalities, like simultaneously working with a translation in several languages, being able to assign each language to an independent translator, and handling payments in step with each of their local currency in a transparent way.

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