Mobilearth Teams Up With ClickSWITCH

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Mobilearth Teams Up With ClickSWITCH

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Their pitch: “Share your brand’s story around the world,” but that’s where it ends. When eTN, as a media outlet for travel and tourism news, tried to publish a release distributed to journalists by PR Newswire, they were told the release must be removed immediately. In addition, PR Newswire threatened eTurboNews with their legal counsel claiming copyright of releases from PR Newswire or Cision circulates on behalf of clients.

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It appears PR Newswire is not only charging a steep amount of money from companies wanting their releases circulated through their system to journalists but also is now trying to license this content as their copyrighted material. eTN receives more than 2,000 story ideas on a daily basis, we don’t rely on PR Newswire for content, and for sure we won’t pay them a licensing fee for a ‘privilege’ to publish such content.

We urge everyone using PR Newswire services to take a look at this article explaining their modus of operation and misleading reports: .

PR Newswire is now directly competing with publications. This will result in a drastic drop in pick-ups. They are obviously upset with the attention we received for stoties and the visibility we were able to record way ahead of PR Newswire when it comes to our industry segment.

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BURNABY, British Columbia, May 17, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Virtual branch app provider Mobilearth has partnered with digital switch provider ClickSWITCH to offer financial institutions with a new feature for the Mobilearth roving teller dashboard – the ability for employees to help customers move their automated payroll deposits in a seamless and paperless process that takes mere minutes to complete.

The interface between Mobilearth and ClickSWITCH gives employees another tool in the Mobilearth virtual branch to further cement the customer relationship to their financial institution. With a renewed focus on customer service, getting out of the branch and into the community means employees can go where their customers live, work or play.

“We are very focused on the North American market and excited to explore the synergies between ClickSWITCH and Mobilearth,” said Cale Johnson, founder and CEO of ClickSWITCH.

“We’re providing a fully integrated, secure virtual branch application that expands your financial institution digitally to reach those out-of-reach customers,” states Tia Lee, CEO of Mobilearth. “Our Virtual Branch app lets your financial institution provide branch services anywhere, any time. We’re giving you the tools to improve customer service and loyalty as well as lower your operating costs by reducing the need for a large brick-and-mortar presence.”

About ClickSWITCH

ClickSWITCH is a unique account holder acquisition technology for financial institutions that simplifies the process of bringing new account holders on board by quickly, safely and efficiently switching their recurring payments from their old accounts to new ones. Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the company’s industry-leading solutions help clients to increase account holder acquisition and activation rates, engage during onboarding and cross-sell products to capture full profit potential. ClickSWITCH is a technology leader delivering world-class solutions to financial institutions of all sizes. Learn more at

About Mobilearth

Mobilearth provides an omni-channel mobile app experience for financial institution employees and customers, giving them an unparalleled level of mobility to remove location restraints while streamlining branch processes and providing a unified user experience on both sides of the counter. It’s banking app-ified.

Media Contact:

Tia Lee

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Partnership for Mobilearth and ClickSWITCH

ClickSWITCH and Mobilearth in action

Mobilearth Teller Dashboard

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