Defence IQ Presents Countering Violent Extremism: How the Internet Facilitates the Propagation of Terrorist Narratives

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LONDON, April 17, 2018 /PRNewswire/ —

Defence IQ had the opportunity to interview Gregory Radabaugh, Director of the Joint Information Operations Warfare Center, and speaker at the event. In this exclusive interview, he provides a unique insight into the strategic advantages technology provides to these organisations, the place of information in their narrative, and the challenges allied forces encounter in defeating them.

Extremist organisations are reaching out to vulnerable audiences via the internet and social media platforms, promoting their own truth without being challenged. Social media has become the key element in the overall narrative warfare between allied forces and extremist organisations and there is an urgent need to understand and learn how best to use the platforms to gain an advantage on the adversary.

There is a pressing need for allies to learn how to best use online platforms and technology to gain an advantage on the adversary. Over the years, the internet has become an available platform and a key element in the overall narrative warfare. This has enabled extremist organisations to reach audiences they could not reach before and promote their own truth.

It is unclear where VEOs will be over the next 10 years, but they are not standing still. Ten years ago it was unimaginable that a VEO could hold and administer an area the size of Great Britain. The primary VEO modus operandi is to adapt to the seams and gaps in the cohesion and defenses of the US. To a large extent, VEOs will continue to adapt and evolve based on what society does and what technology enables society to do.

Join Gregory Radabaugh, Director of the Joint Information Operations Warfare Center and international senior military speakers at Countering Violent Extremism 2018 to delve into the technological advancements and their impact in data gathering, interpretation and analysis. Download the full agenda and speaker line up here

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