Capitalizing On Conferences: Bitfair To Attend This Year's New York Token Summit

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Capitalizing On Conferences: Bitfair To Attend This Year's New York Token Summit

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NEW YORK, May 17, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — In its efforts to build support for cryptocurrency derivative trading, Bitfair is announcing their project to investors far and wide. The platform’s Co-Founders, Thomas van der Spuy and Greg van der Spuy, attended this year’s New York Token Summit. Held to raise awareness of and support for cryptocurrencies and similar digital technologies, the Token Summit was immensely helpful for Bitfair and attracted a broad base of investors.

This year’s Token Summit is the third of its kind. Held from May 16th through the 17th, the event brought together researchers, entrepreneurs, investors, executives, regulatory officials, and countless other stakeholders. These individuals had a chance to meet with one another, learn about different products and opportunities, and discuss a host of topics relating to the future of digital money.

Bitfair benefited immensely from participating in this conference. The platform is taking a unique approach to cryptocurrency investments, allowing its users to invest in derivatives rather than the coins themselves. This has myriad financial benefits, but investors can only take advantage of them if they understand the full value of the platform. In appearing at the New York Token Summit, the van der Spuy’s were able to provide entrepreneurs and investors from around the world all the information they need to get involved.

Banking on Bitfair

As a digital asset trading platform, Bitfair is notable for creating a framework to exchange cryptocurrency derivatives. This has a number of advantages over buying and selling the tokens themselves. In particular, it allows investors to make money off downward token price movements. This means if an investor has good reason to believe that a currency is overvalued, they can buy futures that will increase in value as that currency declines. This allows them to leverage a wider range of data and insights about each currency and thus construct a more diversified investment fund.

Bitfair hopes to set the stage for a bold new chapter in cryptocurrency investments, where investors can make safer and more profitable decisions than ever before. The platform strives to make itself known to large numbers of investors and convince them to begin buying futures. In addition to designing smart contracts, price APIs, and other advanced features to aid current investors, Bitfair must attract attention to the opportunities it is creating.

Summit Solutions

The New York Token Summit offered the perfect opportunity for Bitfair to promote its cutting-edge futures platform. Organized by 1 confirmation, JM3 Capital, and the New York City Economic Development Corporation, this event discussed every aspect of cryptocurrencies, including the economics of them, the regulations that affect them, and the best strategies for buying and trading them. By attending the conference, the van der Spuy’s were able to to rapidly increase the number of investors and companies interested in participating in the exchanges.

To learn more about how Bitfair is planning to revolutionize derivative trading the crypto space, please visit our website, check out our whitepaper, or join our Telegram channel. You can also follow us on Twitter to stay up-to-date on our latest and greatest developments.

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