2ndQuadrant is Proudly Affiliated With PostgreSQL – Voted the Most Loved RDBMS for 2018

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OXFORD, England, March 14, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — 2ndQuadrant is proud to be affiliated with PostgreSQL, which was named the most loved Relational Database Management System by Stack Overflow’s Annual Developer Survey, which polls developers from all around the world.

Stack Overflow, the world’s largest developer community, has released the results of their Annual Developer Survey. Over 100,00 developers participated in the 30-minute survey that evaluates developer profile, chosen technologies, work statistics and preferences, and community views. The 2018 study boasts the largest number of responses to date, making the results that much more powerful.

PostgreSQL was named most loved RDBMS and came in second overall in the database category, close behind Redis, which is an in-memory key-value database. PostgreSQL is rapidly evolving with one major release per year, consisting of many new features, and four minor releases throughout the year to patch bugs and address security concerns.

Additionally, PostgreSQL was listed as the third most commonly used database among respondents, favored significantly ahead of other options; as well as the most wanted RDBMS, signifying that developers listed it as the database they do not yet use, but most want to learn. This indicates that adoption will continue to improve in the future as more developers choose to work with PostgreSQL.

While JavaScript took the number one spot for most used language for the sixth year in a row, SQL placed fourth with the high majority of respondents saying that they loved using the language.

2ndQuadrant is proud to be one of the major contributors to the development of a technology that is so highly regarded among the developer community. PostgreSQL has been growing significantly over the past few years in popularity and is tracking to exceed expectations in the version 11 release. As major contributors to the project and active members of the community, 2ndQuadrant’s overall mission is to be the bridge between the database needs of enterprise users and open source contributions to PostgreSQL. They have pursued a joint strategy of providing both working codes (available now) and later submitting the features into core PostgreSQL.

As Head of Marketing and Products at 2ndQuadrant and long-time PostgreSQL user, Umair Shahid had this to say about the exciting report results:

“2ndQuadrant’s belief in PostgreSQL is manifested through our 16-year commitment to the open source project. We have consistently contributed major features to enhance PostgreSQL over the years, benefiting all users. Today, we stand proud that PostgreSQL is the database of choice for developers worldwide and are excited about what the future holds.”

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